“The benefits of a Pilates body is longer and leaner muscles but also to feel relief of physical tension and mental stress. I want my clients to treat and see their bodies with love and care because confidence and beauty starts from within. I want you to feel healthier (mentally and physically), stronger, happier, sexier and more confident than ever before.“

Clare Riley

Hello and welcome to my very tiny part of the internet.

I don’t have the glamours dancing or gymnastics background like so many Pilates teachers. My background was marketing and corporate events and then motherhood. Pilates has been a hobby of mine throughout my adult life and in 2015 I finally took the plunged and did my teacher training and feel extremely lucky to be able to teach as many others as I can.


I teach Pilates because for me it’s the only workout iv consistently enjoyed doing through my adult life and I can honestly say iv never felt as strong and confident as I do now then ever before.

“Its never too late to invest in your best self and feel your most confident self.”

I love to challenge my clients and progress them week on week, consistency really is key to see and feel the benefits.